Who gets accepted to UA&P?
The trailblazers, no less.

UA&P admits applicants on the basis of their Revised Online Admissions Results (ROAR), along with their high school credentials. Involvement in extra and co-curricular activities, as well as commitment to service and leadership, are also considered important.

Before proceeding with the online application, make sure to read the entire application process first: https://www.uap.asia/application-process

Applicants may access the other required documents below.

College Application

 Junior College (6-Year Integrated University Program) Application

 Foreign Application

 Scholarship Application

 Application Fees

  • Local private schools: Php 600
  • Local public and science high schools: Php 250
  • Schools based abroad: US$50
  • Applicants using an international program or test: US$50
  • EM Assessment (For Entrepreneurial Management applicants only): additional Php 250
  • Students from partner schools under batch processing: Php 1000
Application fees are non-refundable.

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